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Welcome to the Smoke Detector cross reference page. I will assume you have made it to this page because you entered the word DICON into GOOGLE. The reason you did that is because your 20 year old smokes are beeping. This beeping sound probably started around 3 a.m. and will just not stop

Relax, it's OK now

In a nutshell, if you see the word DICON on your smoke, its more than 15 years old, had a 10 year warranty, it's pooched, and they ALL SHOULD be replaced. I have those replacement units. I carry Dicon replacement units that use the old DICON mounting bracket on your ceiling, snap in snap out, you must replace them all otherwise they will not work. The Smokes I have are made by a Company called American Sensors, they are approved for sale in the U.S. As of October 2007 I am the only company in North America that has these snap in smokes(American Sensors was bought out by another company who discontinued them), so if you want to replace your smokes and fed up of reading, this is what you want: battery backup version and to order them, here

JUNE 2013 SPECIAL: SA379UL (U.S. Certified Smokes) are 20$C each with free freight on a box of 6, save 25$ in freight

I have been getting numerous phone calls regarding a web based smoke detector store in the U.S. that appears not to be shipping product. I can't mention their name. I ship product, no nonsense here, you want smokes, I have them, I have children to send to university !! Most smoke orders are shipped the same day, serious. I'm Canadian, you can trust me.

FREE SHIPPING on orders of 6 smokes or more....talk to your neighbours

Scroll down to the cross reference chart, or read away

Dicon Smokes, the ones making the noise, had a 10 year warranty, but thats long gone expired. Dicon went out of business 20 years ago, they no longer exist. I sell replacement DICON Smoke Detectors, made by a company called DiconGlobal, go figure that one. Some can be intermixed with existing Dicon units, others not, generally, replace them all, the mountings are the same as the current DICONS you have, so generally you snap out the old ones and snap in the new ones. Bingo ! Bida-Bang-Bida-Bing

You cannot rebuild these units, you cannot go to Home Depot and find a substitute, I do not know where you can purchase these units locally. If you drop in another companies product, they will all beep, just like they are right now

You can order directly from us using our easy Quick Order screen. If you are not sure who we are, link out to our Main Page

If you are replacing the DICON smokes in YOUR house, then the odds are on that your neighbour has the same smokes, in the same place, and they are probably about to die. See if he needs any, heck, sell him some, Your freight comes down, Your neighbour is happy, I can add weiners to my KD tonight, buy my kids shoes, it works well EVERYBODY WINS !!


*Free on quantities of 6 or more, which means you, if you live in Pickerington, Omaha Nebraska or Prescott AZ

Ok, I give up. IF the word "Springfield" is your address, a box of 6, but only 6, not 7: Free Freight. Every state should be happy now. My kids watch the Simpsons' I know these things. Excellent Smithers, excellent.

It appears that legislation in some areas of Canada/U.S. now require 9v batteries in the 120VAC powered smokes.

Smoke detectors should be connected to a primary electrical circuit, which means that the smokes are on the same breaker as a major/primary/attention getting circuit, such that if the breaker blows and you lose that function, you will fix the problem quickly and bring the Smoke, Carbon Monoxide detectors back online. Are you with me ? They should not be on an independent breaker/fuse/circuit.

Make sure you know how many you need. If A new smoke when installed goes off, remove all the old smokes first, from obscure places: the attic. Heck, one customer had one boarded into his wall. Perhaps a renovation trick. You may laugh, 'cause I did but, He is not alone.

Condo Corporations: Send a FAX or Email us for you requirements, we have volume pricing on 100+ piece orders, immediate delivery, well almost immediate

......From my experience: Count 5, order 6, a box of them

Two types of Smoke Alarm Technology

Ionization: Smoke alarms respond earlier to fast flaming fires. A flaming fire devours combustibles extremely fast, spreads rapidly and generates considerable heat with little smoke. Ionization models are best suited for rooms which contain highly combustible materials. These types of materials include: cooking fat/grease flammable liquids newspapers paint cleaning solutions.

Photoelectronic: Smoke alarms respond earlier to slow smouldering fires. A smouldering fire generates large amounts of thick smoke with little heat and may smoulder for hours before bursting into flames Photoelectric models are best suited for living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens. This is because these rooms often contain large pieces of furniture, such as sofas, chairs, mattresses, counter tops, etc. which will burn slowly and create more smoldering smoke than flames. Photoelectric smoke alarms are also less prone to nuisance alarms in the kitchen area than ionization smoke alarms

SA379 SA379

Click for a complete listing of Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Click for DICON Smoke Detector & Carbon Monoxide Manuals(PDFS)

For situations where a device such as a sprinkler is triggered by a smoke then you need to read this manual and get this gizzy, the CB570 Actually this little unit allows you to integrate many different types of sensors. Use your alarm panel, plus a relay, to flip them. What a perfect little automation device. The things people make. Here is an interesting application, a A smoke detector, Pull Station, and the gizzy Combo. The alarm goes of when smoke is detected OR the pull station is tripped. In some jurisdictions this combo is required on apartments/rentals of a certain size, but you could put one in your garage

Click: SA771

DICON/American Sensor SPRECIAL
Just for you Canadians I have found a real DICON sub treat. Through the power of shrewd power buying I have found a limited supply of NEW SA771 DUAL photo AND ionization smokes on a 3 wire harness. These are rare and hard to find, But I have a few. Now you can have the best of both worlds
Clearance price of 20$ Less than half of normal list

Click: SA379UL

U.S. Certified SA379UL Model
120VAC 55ma, battery backup (batt included)
24 Pack 17$US EACH
48 Pack 15$US EACH
72 Pack 13$US EACH
Great deal for Condo Associations, Wholesalers, or people that want to have lots of spares, they have a shelf life of 100 years ! 10 year warranty

If you have a question, I would prefer E-Mail But if you want to talk with me/hear my voice, my name is Doug Harper, chief cook and bottle washer. My cell phone is 905-294-6473 9-5ish, Monday to Friday, The smoke detectors are pronounced Die-Con, not Dee-Con. I know picky picky picky, one of those em-pha-sis things

Below is a chart showing different model numbers. The chart reads left to right, smokes detectors with similar properties. Odds are you will require the SA379. All items are in stock, shipped the same day you order them, unless you order on a Saturday or Sunday, and maybe a Monday, I do my best

You May have these
OR these
OR these
SF200 Canadian
First Response (replaces SA308)
Micro 300 (SA-4), Grainger #2E6Z0, SA-5, 300BX
Basic smoke alarm, battery operated Ionization type
Micro 300AP Canada Only Discontinued
Smoke Alarm with alarm pause, suitable for kitchen, battery operated ionization type
Smoke Alarm with emergency light,suitable for hall and stairway, battery operated ionization type
440 or 440B
Grainger #2E622
Smoke Alarm, Battery operated Photoelectric type
Combination ION and Photoelectric smoke alarm Battery Operated
SA360ULC Canadian
470L (Photo) 670L
(570L) Disc.
(330L) Disc.
(330LSG) NLA
Grainger #1H731
Smoke alarm, 120VAC Hardwire
Same mounting bracket as old
Must treplace all with new
470LR Canadian, eh
4760LR PDF
670LBX U.S. Version
670LR (discontinued) Norton Smokes (Discontinued) ESA5011 U.S. Model, discontinued Sub with:
ESA5011 Price
Smoke Alarm, 120VAC Hardware, inter-connectable, with relay ionization type

SA379UL (U.S. Version) Price
SA379 Overview
SA379 Specifications
SA379 Install
670LBX U.S. Version
These are all ionization
Grainger #3T923
670LBX U.S. Version
470LBX (Canada) Price
470LBXUS (U.S.) Price
470LBX Spec Sheets
These are PhotoElectrics
Smoke Alarm with alarm-pause, 120VAC
Hardware with battery back-up,
Inter-connectable, with relay
Ionization or PhotoElectric, mix and match
Direct sub, connect up to 18 together
330SR12/24 Canada Only, DICON 330S 12/24
Smoke Alarm, 12-24VDC, inter-connectable to 12 units with relay (NO/NC) ionization type
Canada Only
Smoke Alarm, 12-24VDC, inter-connectable to 12 units with relay (NO/NC) Photoelectic type
400L USA Grainger #2E885
Smoke Alarm with alarm pause, 12-24VDC, inter-connectable to 12 units
330SH12/24 Discontinued
330SH12/24 Discontinued
330S Radio Shack
800H Discontinued
Heat Sensor
800T Discontinued
Natural Gas, 12V for RV

CB570 Wiring PDF
CB100 Wiring PDF
Pull Station Interface

The difference between a SA360 and an SA379 is the battery backup with the SA379. The battery is a 9v battery which is included with the unit. This means that the battery backup unit will still work when the AC power is off. What this means is that if a device on the same circuit blows, the smokes will still work.

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Phone 905-294-6473
Fax 905-471-6322

Smoke Detector Installation tips

Got to put this information someplace. Once upon a time, you had a working smoke detection system, then one day at 3 am they go off, or start chirping. Your husband disconnects them, you google, keywords dicon smoke detector. I ship you 6 replacements, you plug them in and they chirp or just go off

Remove all old smokes, so the wiring harness is clear

Install new ones, white, black, orange/yellow

they work

If they beep, power down, wait a minute, power up

They work

On the other hand, if they alarm, you either have a fire in progress and take corrective action or you have not removed ALL of the old smokes

They Lurk in the attic, basement, some room you forgot about, or my personal favourite is hidden in the wall, from the last renovation

Remove all old smokes

They work

Next one, little fuzzy on this. The battery unit may chirp with the 120Vac off. It does and does not make sense. It should not chirp under AC power. If it does then either the battery is dead, Statistically you could have a dead battery from me, but that would be rare, or the contacts between the battery and smoke are bad. Inspect the battery terminals in the battery area for residual glue, left over from the production process, honest, and scrape it off, basically a bad battery connect. This problem is rare, but is a known feature of S360, SA379 units

Putting them on high power AC circuits, such as fridges, furnace, freezers or other voltage surge type products can trigger the alarm, this is possible, but not personally had this situation, yet

will keep you informed

I have these units installed in my house for the past several years. From my own experience, these units will go off for some unknown reason and make a lot of noise. Hit the reset button. Why they randomly trigger once a year beats me.

If none of the above resolve your problems, call me during business hours 905-294-6473 or send Mail

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